Founded in 2014, InnoFruit conducts and manages investments in semi-developed economies. The company invests in strategic land positions and  subsequently establishes and expands modern agricultural production operations for vegetables and fruits.

 By implementing modern farming practices and high production and product standards, InnoFruit brings an innovative impulse to underdeveloped regions. The company stimulates economic development and professional business activity through the establishment of partnerships with local producers and suppliers.

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InnoFruit brings an innovative impulse to underdeveloped regions, by implementing modern farming practices and high production standards and entering in cooperation with local farmers.

InnoFruit is producing a varied assortment of high quality vegetables and fruits on its modern farms in South Africa and North Macedonia. Fruits like table grapes, melons, cherries, apples, apricots and plums are the backbone of InnoFruit’s product assortment. Vegetables like squashes, tomatoes, cauliflower or white cabbage are produced for specific target markets. With regards to all its products InnoFruit aims to target distinguishing production- and market windows.

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In 2016 InnoFruit acquired two neighboring wine grape farms situated near Trawal, 300 km north of Cape Town. The two farms were combined into one production surface of 100 ha of which 80 ha are arable. Over the following three years 70 ha were transformed into a modern production operation for table grapes and vegetables.


InnoFruit acquired 260 ha land position in the Dojran valley in North Macedonian in 2018. The land position comprises seven plots, located in two municipalities in the southeastern corner of North Macedonia. In the coming years the former table and wine grape farm will be fully transformed into a modern production location for fruit and vegetables.

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